Pennant Manager’s Duties

     Pennant Manager Duties

    Home Games

   1. See that scoreboards are clear with chalk.

   2. Mark out rink centre line.

   3. Place mats and jacks on rinks.

   4. Put up flag and windsock. Prepare cards with Queenstown names.

   5. Collect money from Queenstown Players and post Envelope in slot in office drawer.

   6. Advise catering person of player numbers

   7. Collect signed score cards and fill out results sheet and post.

   8. Check that mats and jacks are returned to the mat room and flag returned to office

   Away Games

   1. Check transport arrangements.

   2. Collect money from players and place in envelope in Treasurers drawer.

   3. At tea give a vote of thanks to host club and kitchen help.

   4. If using rented transport pay for fuel top up from cash collected.

   5. If using members cars advise Treasurer of drives names.


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