If you are appointed as a marker it is important to understand your duties. You will find these in the “Laws of the Game”

The terms “Jack high” and “Jack level” as now defined in the crystal mark book are identical meaning the nearest point of bowl to the mat is same distance as the nearest point of the jack to the mat line. Instead of the old “jack high” meaning, we need to say “the bowl is behind the jack”.

It is important for players to make clear the information they need. Markers can now give the answer to the actual question and add additional information relating to that particular query. (Previously markers could only answer the exact question) Now if a player asks “Is the bowl behind the jack” the marker can say “yes” and can say “10 cm.” If the player wants additional information it is their right to ask and only then can the Marker give further information to clarify the position of the bowl in relation to the jack and other bowls. If the player asks “am I one down” the marker can reply “no you have the shot “or “no you are two down”

Read you up to date Law book and arrive early for a good day. By arriving early, if you have any queries, you will have time to have a quiet word with the umpire. They are there to help.


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