Joining the Queenstown Bowling Club as a Junior Bowler

When you start playing Lawn bowls and join bowling club you are classed as a “Junior Bowler”. Please note that it has nothing to do with your age. You will be a junior bowler for your first 5 years and will get to play in junior (5 years and under) events at our club, other clubs and also Central Otago Junior Championships. Please note that Junior Bowlers can also play in open events if they wish and once you have learnt the basics it is excellent experience to do so.

Of course you may decide you do not want to be a competitive bowler at all and may decide to only play social bowls and enjoy our Thursday night “Roll Ups”. Don’t be in too much hurry to decide how competitive you want to be, just get in and give things a good go in your first year and see how you go! Many bowlers actually play a mix of social bowls and some competitive games as well

The main thing is enjoy your bowls!!

Joining the Club

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