Tournament Pairs 14/15 Feb

                    1st:  Debra Loyd & Christine Buchanan

                 3rd=  Margaret O’Connor and Jane Anderson     

         Men:-1st:   Robbie Reed & Eric Lee

Queenstown Ladies win House of Travel Centre Triples Played at Clyde and Alexandra 31Jan/1 Feb 2015

Margaret O’Connor, Debra Loyd & Christine Buchanan

Centre Events  2014-2015

Champion of Champion Ladies Triples

Margaret O’Connor, Christine Buchanan and Debra Lloyd

Women’s 1-5 year Centre Singles 1st Wendy Paterson. 2nd Andrea Dowman

Tournament Singles- Runner up Margaret O’Connor

Champion of Champion Ladies Singles  Margaret O’Connor

Champion of Champion Ladies Fours

Margaret O’Connor, Christine Buchanan, Debra Lloyd and Jane Anderson

Interclub Sevens Division 1

Singles Christine  Buchanan

Pairs  Jane Anderson and Andre Dowman

Fours Margaret O’Connor, Debra Lloyd, Margaret Tall and Wendy Paterson

Manager Nancy Buchanan

1-5 Year men’s Singles  

Runner up  - Alistair Munroe

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