A few things a New Bowler needs to know when playing in a Team:-

(Q) Where to deliver the Jack??

(A) Generally the Skip will stand where they would like the Jack to be.

(Q) How far up is your mat??

(A) What the skip is asking is approx. the distance between the 2 metre   mark and the front edge of the mat. Most times the Skip is trying to determine is at or more than the required minimum distance of 23 metres from the front of the mat to the Jack.

Singles Each player has four bowls.

Championship games are won when the first player scores 21 points.

Handicap games are played over 21 ends.

Pairs This is normally played with three bowls. The Leads play their 3 bowls and then the Skips play their three bowls.

As a lead in pairs your duties are to:-

Deliver the Jack to the length the Skip requests.

Put Bowls close to the Jack

Measure for Shots as necessary.

In conjunction with the opposition Lead put scores on the boards.

Chalk the Skips bowls that come into contact with the Jack.

 In other versions four bowls are used. Either as above or as    2x4x2 pairs where Player 1 plays 2 bowls, then player 2 plays 4    bowls. Player 1 then plays his last 2 bowls

Triples In centre events each player plays with 2 bowls. Lead plays 2, second plays 2 and Skip plays 2.  In most Club events and the majority of tournaments the games are played with 3 bowls. The second normally dues the measuring when required. The Skip needs to be able to play draw or weighted shots as required.

Fours   Always played with 2 Bowls per player, Lead 2, Second 2, third 2, and Skip 2.

Players should watch the game so they do not need to ask “Whose bowl is that?”

If the Skip asks for a particular shot it is the player’s job to attempt to play that not and NOT to say “I can see it better on the other hand” or similar comment. The skip can see the head more clearly and is attempting to build the head

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